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Flowering Potholes: Lovely Tile Plants Fill Ugly Street Voids by Chic Decorations

An uniquely elegant solution to a dirty everyday problem, these beautiful handcrafted tile mosaics are turning unfilled potholes back into functional pieces of city street surface all more than Chicago.

This time with an emphasis on beautification, mosaic maker Jim Bachor is back a… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.chicdecorations.com/other-ideas/flowering-potholes-lovely-tile-plants-fill-ugly-street-voids.html


Street Style: 28 Fashions With Fringe by Beauty and Hairstyle

It’s not that I love fringe. I absolutely don’t in the hippie fringe jacket and fringe suede boots kind of way. But there is definite appeal to the oversize black clutches with fringe hanging along the bottom. Totally minimalist, but not. It is almost certainly not all that handy I im… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.beautyandhairstyle.com/home-decor/street-style-28-fashions-with-fringe.html

Moor Street Townhouses By Milieu House by Chic Decorations

Milieu House produced 5 luxury townhouses positioned in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The project features an environmentally sustainable design and style with warm, monochromatic palettes, open-program design and a white-washed oak timber flooring.
Elegant and industrial, the townhouses… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.chicdecorations.com/decor-ideas/moor-street-townhouses-by-milieu-house.html

Principal Street House Contrasts Corrugated Metal Surfaces With Douglas Fir Particulars by Beauty and Hairstyle

Shed Architecture and Style has contrasted industrial and all-natural materials on the exterior of this Seattle home, utilizing corrugated metal cladding alongside Douglas fir window frames and doors (+ slideshow).

Major Street Home in Seattle was designed by nearby firm Shed A… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.beautyandhairstyle.com/home-decor/principal-street-house-contrasts-corrugated-metal-surfaces-with-douglas-fir-particulars.html

Style Correct Now: 21 Patterned Coats, Street Style by Beauty and Hairstyle

The climate has been best in Boston—sunny, slightly breezy, just a tinge of crisp. Not that I’d really know I pretty much haven’t left the property in almost a week I have so much operate. But the living rooms windows are wide open. All as well quickly it will be jacket time and then … if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.beautyandhairstyle.com/home-decor/style-correct-now-21-patterned-coats-street-style.html

26 Street Arts With Nature by Beauty and Hairstyle

Nature and urban living does not often go hand in hand, but when it does, it surely is an art type, which will mesmerize you in all approaches. There are numerous street artists across the globe that has the skill of blending nature with art. These artists are more most likely known… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.beautyandhairstyle.com/home-decor/26-street-arts-with-nature.html

Intimate Weddings At Primary Street Manor by Chic Decorations

Posted on September 16, 2014 by Christina

A whilst back, we featured Schirin and Cris’s gorgeous $8,000 Main Street Manor wedding here on IW. The couple chose Primary Street Manor due to the fact they wanted a drop, dead beautiful wedding, without having the price tag. An incredible … if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.chicdecorations.com/wedding-tips/intimate-weddings-at-primary-street-manor.html