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Chuck Versatile Wall Shelf By Natascha Harra-Frischkorn by Chic Decorations

German item designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn has developed Chuck wall shelving technique. The shelving program is made up of versatile wooden planks held with each other by stainless steel locking collars.

From the designer, “Chuck is a shelving system which was produced inspired b… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.chicdecorations.com/decor-ideas/chuck-versatile-wall-shelf-by-natascha-harra-frischkorn.html


Make A Hoop Shelf In An Hour! by Chic Decorations

For some reason lately, I’;ve been trying to figure out a way to make curved pieces out of wood (like this pet bed). It definitely can be done, has been done, but I was looking for a method that doesn’;t use equipment and time I don’;t have. I started experimenting … if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.chicdecorations.com/other-ideas/make-a-hoop-shelf-in-an-hour.html

Presently Rocking The Bathroom Shelf: Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Immediate Infusion Treatment Toner, Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask And Osmia Organics Honey Myrrh Lip Repair by Chic Decorations

Some current skin care faves on my bathroom shelf…
Have you ever noticed that when you run out of a product, it is like you run out of almost everything at the very same time?
Like they’re all in cahoots, Toy Story-style.
“Hey, Benetint! It’s a go for tomorrow! We’re all operating out… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.chicdecorations.com/beauty/presently-rocking-the-bathroom-shelf-fresh-black-tea-age-delay-immediate-infusion-treatment-toner-sisley-black-rose-cream-mask-and-osmia-organics-honey-myrrh-lip-repair.html

A Shelf Of Tables Is 3 Desks In One Particular Shelving Unit by Beauty and Hairstyle

Design and style graduate Matej Chabera presented a shelving method that comprises three interchangeable desktops at the Royal College of Art (RCA) show, which opened in London on Monday.

Shelf of Tables stacks three desktops inside a shelving system with the footprint of a single… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.beautyandhairstyle.com/home-decor/a-shelf-of-tables-is-3-desks-in-one-particular-shelving-unit.html

Convertible Shelf / Table From Dot & Bo by Interior Design 7/24

Most likely one of the most reasonably priced pieces of .gif-tastic transforming furnishings about, this industrial style furniture piece from Dot & Bo can alternate in between becoming a shelf or a table. The framework of the talves (or sheble depending on your preference) is created of i… if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.interiordesign724.com/home-design/convertible-shelf-table-from-dot-bo.html